The Fan Man
The indestructible cult classic starring Horse Badorties, legendary founder of Dorky Day. Available as a profusely illustrated E-Book or as a paperback edition with a new introduction by T. C. Boyl... read more

The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Once upon a time in rural Maine, a big black bear found a briefcase under a tree. Hoping for food, he dragged it into the woods, only to find that all it held was the manuscript of a novel. He couldn&... read more

Swimmer in the Secret Sea
A snowy landscape... a baby struggling to be born... a profoundly moving story. Awarded the National Magazine Award for Fiction "… for William Kotzwinkle‘s mastery of narrative, and abi... read more

Fata Morgana
At the fashionable salon of Ric Lazare you can have your fortune told by an amazing machine of unerring accuracy. But the Paris police think Lazare is a con man and send Inspector Picard to investigat... read more

The Exile
Hollywood film star David Caspian finds himself falling through a crack in time--into the back alleys of Hitler‘s Germany. The problem is--he‘s not David Caspian any longer and the Gestapo... read more

Doctor Rat
Winner of the World Fantasy Award A bloodcurdling novel in the spirit of ANIMAL FARM and 1984, DOCTOR RAT is a trip through a laboratory worthy of a Nazi mad doctor, except this doctor is a wis... read more

The Amphora Project
Deep in the bowels of Junk Moon, the finest scientists of Planet Immortal are nearing completion of Project Amphora, which aims to unlock the secret of immortality. The Project is run by the Consortiu... read more

Game of Thirty
"A suspense novel to rank with the classics." Stephen King – – Streetwise PI Jimmy McShane has seen plenty, but he‘s never seen anything like the murder of Tommy Rennseler. ... read more