The Fan Man (Fiction)

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The indestructible cult classic starring Horse Badorties, legendary founder of Dorky Day.

Available as a profusely illustrated E-Book or as a paperback edition with a new introduction by T. C. Boyle.


"This short, artfully structured, supremely insane novel is Buddha's story, turned inside out… Horse Badorties walks into American literature a full-blown achievement, a heroic godheaded head, a splendid creep, a sublime prince of the holy trash pile… send congratulations to William Kotzwinkle, also a hero, man." - William Kennedy, New Republic

"This is music to be played in the head, and only the quickest, least inhibited sight-readers can play it as written, and thus hear head music the likes of which, prior to its publication in 1974, had never been heard. It was and remains important… " - Kurt Vonnegut's forward to the Vintage edition

"A delightfully, often devastatingly funny novel… William Kotzwinkle is a first-rate fabulist and has created in Horse Badorties a new kind of American character who, while dwelling in the realms of the fantastic, touches upon far more aspects of contemporary life then do many so-called American characters… (Horse is a) kind of Ginger Man, Lucky Jim, Huck Finn, and Easy Rider all mixed up in one… a marvelous creation. " - Seattle Times

"Kotzwinkle's story of a drug-flavored, flailing genius is a fine and funny piece of work that deserves to outlive many more studious efforts to limm the psychedelic ethos – and to wind up, perhaps, in some college lit class of the future, along with Thompson and Wolfe, all examples of a rare and exotic strain of experience that crept into the literature of the sixties and seventies. " - Rolling Stone

"Kotzwinkle has invented a human dada, full of one-line gags and comic perceptions. " - New York Times Book Review

"Old Horse is one hell of a character, man. " - Philadelphia Bulletin

"The Fan Man cuts through so many games that it leaves a trail of clear light. " - Ram Dass

"This is one of my favorite books. Ever... The sixties are long gone (sigh). But William Kotzwinkle's creation of a doped-up, cooled-out street bum – whose prize possessions include the self-given mantra Dorky and a fan that hums with the universe – lives on. Go on. Check it out. " - QPB Review