The Return of Crazy Horse (Children‘s Books)

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A passionate tribute to the great Sioux chief and to an artist‘s determination to carve a huge statue of the fearless warrior into the Black Hills.

In 1970, Joe Servello, whose ancestors were stonemasons, traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see the gigantic portrait being carved in Thunderhead Mountain. So inspired was he by the story of Crazy Horse and Korczak Ziolkowski‘s seemingly impossible effort to create a mountain-size monument to the chief, he asked the sculptor for permission to illustrate a children‘s book about it. Servello took the sketches he made on the mountain to Kotzwinkle, who was equally inspired. The resulting book is a moving depiction of tragedy and redemption.

"Korczak loved the Return of Crazy Horse... It‘s beautifully written and illustrated and we‘re delighted it‘s back in print." Ruth Ziolkowski, Korczak‘s widow.

Ruth and the Ziolkowski children continue the heroic work. Upon completion, it will be the largest sculpture on earth, taller than the Great Pyramid of Egypt.


"A truly inspiring book." - Elementary English

"Handsome illustrations tell the tragic story… Readers will share the author's hope that before many years Crazy Horse will ride again." - Parents Magazine

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