About Kotzwinkle

American novelist William Kotzwinkle is a two-time recipient of the National Magazine Award for Fiction, a Book Critics Circle award nominee, a winner of the World Fantasy Award, the Prix Litteraire des Bouquinistes des Quais de Paris, the PETA Award for Children’s Fiction, and he wrote the narration for Michael Jackson’s E.T. record which won a special children’s Grammy.

“William Kotzwinkle is one of the few American writers in complete control of his materials, and his materials seem to come from somewhere deep down.” Kurt Vonnegut

“A major American writer.” Playboy

“A sorceror.” Saturday Review

“Kotzwinkle is the gifted bard, the natural storyteller.” New York Times

“William Kotzwinkle’s a minstrel of the written word, a sorcerer of language.” Chicago Tribune

“Kotzwinkle’s good is marvelous compared to most writers’ best.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“When Kotzwinkle is the author, readers can be sure only that the book in question will be different from everything else. His work continues to be distinguished by its originality, wit and daring.” People Magazine

“Kotzwinkle is the conjurer… a heckuva writer.” Boston Globe

“A brilliant writer, a magician with words.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A truly imaginative impresario.” Kirkus Reviews

“A fine craftsman.” The New Yorker

“Kotzwinkle can be madcap, funny, and magical all at the same time.” Kansas City Star

“Kotzwinkle is immensely enchanting. O’Henry would surely approve.” San Diego Tribune

“Kotzwinkle has both a macabre power of invention and a countervailing gift of social comedy.” Buffalo News

“Terrific novels.” Washington Post

“A first-rate fabulist.” John Leonard

“A modern Zen master of the literary world.” New Music Express

“The most sparkling American writer alive.” Bremer Blatt

“A glittering Pied Piper… a brilliantly inspired writing virtuoso.” Raiffeissenverband

“A joy to read.” Neue Westfalische